Page last updated: 5 March 2020

Forms that may be required by the Department of Health  and Aged Care to list a medicine on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Forms relating to processing claims, paying benefits, or PBS stationery order forms can be found on the Services Australia website.


The documents on this page may not be accessible. If you need assistance please email the PBS Web team.

Application to list a Drug or Medicinal Preparation as a Pharmaceutical Benefit (PB11)

This application is to be completed and submitted to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) secretariat.

Request for Approved Ex-Manufacturer Price (PB11a)

The PB11a is a form that sponsors need to submit to reflect the listing price sought for their product on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) or when requesting a price or related alteration for a product already listed on the PBS.

The PB11a form has been updated to reflect the new legislation changes commencing 1 October 2012. All price agreements, new listings, changes to pack sizes and brand premiums must use the new PB11a form for all price agreements from 1 October 2012.

For any questions relating to completion of the PB11a form, please email the Pricing Section, Pharmaceutical Evaluation Branch.

A new PB11a form is required for the purpose of a new price agreement where the Responsible Person changes their details including:

  • the registered company name and ABN
  • Brand names for which they are the Responsible Person
  • Responsible Person

Cost Information (PB11b)

Submit the PB11b form to the PBAC Secretariat at the time of making a PBAC submission, or to apply for a price increase for a product already listed on the PBS, submit to the Pricing Section.

Guarantee of Supply

This form is to be used when a Responsible Person  wishes to advise a failure to supply a brand of an item listed on the PBS, or a belief that a failure to supply is likely to occur.

Please email the completed form to PBS Listings.

Responsible Person

This form confirms with the Department of Health  and Aged Care those brands of items on the PBS a particular Responsible Person  will be supplying.

Please email the completed Responsible Person form to PBS Listings.

Service fee application form: to accompany PBAC submission

This application form must be completed by the applicant, signed by an authorised person, and lodged with the submission to the PBAC Secretariat.

Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) descriptions for PBS Listings

Submissions to the PBAC should include the following form, if the submission includes a new medicine that is not currently listed in the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT).