3B.4 Results

Page last updated: September 2016

Information Requests

  • Present the results of the cost-minimisation approach (Subsection 3B.4.1)
  • Attach copies of relevant papers and original sources of data, and cross-reference from the submission (Subsection 3B.4.2)

3B.4.1 Results of the cost-minimisation approach

List all identified costs associated with both the proposed medicine or the comparator, then aggregate these with the dispensed medicine cost (based on the equi-effective doses) to estimate the net cost difference.

Consult the PBS Pricing Section, if necessary, for help in calculating medicine prices (ex-manufacturer and dispensed) from equi-effective doses. The economic claim should be that, at the price requested, the overall cost of therapy with the proposed medicine is the same as, or less than, the overall cost of therapy with the main comparator.

3B.4.2 Sources of data

Provide copies of the original sources of all data (beyond those already presented in Section 2) or expert opinion used in the model in an attachment or technical document. Cross-reference data extracted from each source to the level of the page, table or figure number of the source document.

To enable independent verification of each analysis, provide an electronic copy of any computer-based calculations of the analysis.