P4.2 Specific codependent technology information requests

Page last updated: September 2016

Subsection P4.2 contains 62 item numbers (information requests) intended to meet the evidence requirements of the PBAC and MSAC when assessing codependent technologies for aligned reimbursement decisions. These items are accompanied by additional clarification on what is meant by the information request, as well as where it would be appropriate to present the information throughout the integrated codependent submission.

Item numbers are tagged with (T), (M) or (O), which indicate whether the item number is relevant to the test, the medicine or overlaps both. This flags the information that is primarily relevant to MSAC (T), the PBAC (M) and both committees (O).

Since listing circumstances will vary between the codependent technologies, the information needed to reduce decision-maker uncertainty will also vary. Follow the guidance given in Part A, Sections 1–5, about the medicine for all integrated codependent submissions. In addition, new items and/or expanded information are requested to address specific codependency issues. These are organised here by the main sections of a submission (ie Sections 1–5). Refer to Subsection P4.1 for an overview of which codependency information items apply to an integrated or streamlined submission, and to FigureP4.2 for how the submission should be structured.