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Archived versions of the PBAC Guidelines

Record of updates

Date   Version   Summary of changes
August 1990 1.0 Draft guidelines issued for comment
August 1992 2.0 Minor rearrangement, extension and clarification
November 1995 3.0 Clarification of technical aspects of measuring changes in costs and outcomes
November 2002 3.1 Update to include minor changes endorsed since November 1995
November 2006   4.0 Major revision and reorganisation of text
December 2006 4.1 Version for co-publishing in HTML format, with excerpts in RTF format, plus minor editorial corrections
December 2007 4.2 Version to provide clarification in Subsections A.1, A.5, B.7, C, D.5, F.3, PT1 based on initial feedback on the major revision and to update URLs
December 2008 4.3 Version to enable primary publication in website, update URLs and correct a small number of typographical errors
July 2013 4.4 Version to make minor corrections and updates, and enable improved information design and navigation, including development of a designated website and online
July 2015 4.5 Version to make minor make minor updates to the requirements for lodging submissions, including the requirement for submissions to be lodged electronically on USB storage devices
September 2016 5.0 Major revision and reorganisation of text