Section 5 Options to present additional relevant information

Page last updated: September 2016

Information Requests

  • Provide any additional relevant information, such as:
    • issues influencing decision making (Subsection 5.1)
    • supplementary analyses (Subsection 5.2)
    • prudent-use principles for antimicrobial agents (Subsection 5.3)
    • basis for a claim for the ‘rule of rescue’ (Subsection 5.4).


Although the PBAC primarily focuses on health outcomes, additional factors that may be relevant to the submission can be presented in Section 5. Evidence presented in this section should be clearly presented and reasoned. Where possible, evidence should be generated using high-quality methods or sourced systematically. Inadequately supported claims, or the presentation of evidence prone to bias as a result of the methods of generation or collection, will be difficult to interpret.

Flowchart 5.1 shows an overview of the information requests for Section 5.

Flowchart 5.1 Overview of information requests for Section 5 of a submission to the PBAC

Flowchart 5.1 Overview of information requests for Section 5 of a submission to the PBAC